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About the 30 Minutes With... Book Series

The “30 Minutes With…” series was designed to fill the needs of a fast-paced world in which time is the most valuable commodity. For the most part, the topics we write about have been written about before. Our goal is not to present overwhelmingly new concepts, rather to boil down existing information into its key components…eliminating any fluff and redundancy, leaving our readers with only the bare essential elements of the topic they wish to learn more about.

The main idea behind this concept is, “If you only have 30 minutes of time to dedicate to the subject, these are the most important things you should learn during those 30 minutes.”

The 30 Minutes With… series has also unlocked a few other concepts:

  • The idea of picking up a 400-page book can be so overwhelming or so time-consuming, that a great deal of people who would love to learn more about a particular subject will never pickup the book. Our shorter, less intimidating format will allow more people to learn about things they are interested in.
  • Non-fiction books on technical subject matter lend themselves to low absorption rates. When someone reads a 400-page book about a particular topic, they may only retain 10-15 percent of what they have read. By condensing a topic down to its core elements, we are not only increasing the absorption rate of our readers, but we are ensuring that the items that are retained are core items and not "fluff" items.
  • The books in our series are geared toward “the masses.” The 30 Minutes With… books are similar to the Microsoft Windows based PC. Just as 95% of computer users will never need any capabilities beyond the reach of the PC running Microsoft Windows, 95% of the population will never need to absorb anything about a particular topic that is not covered in our book. The 5% of the population who need to dive deeper into a particular subject will be able to go out and read other, more technical books just as more advanced computer users will go out and purchase a Macintosh computer or a PC running a Linux or Unix based operating system.

Geared toward the busiest members of society, from CEOs to entrepreneurs to mothers, the 30 Minutes With… series is designed to provide you with the tools to become “well-educated” about a particular topic.

Knowing that the average American reads 200-250 words per minute, all books in the 30 Minutes With… series have been designed to be read in 30 minutes or less.

First Book Available Now!

The first book in the series, "Effective Tax Planning for
the MicroBusiness,"
is available now!
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